Social media audits are an analysis/inspection of an entity’s (whether company, person, group or institution) online communication, more specifically social media footprint at a particular moment in time.

Please check the lecture notes from 2013 with more information also on SWOT and PESTLE but also the notes from 2012 elaborating more on some of the templates we mentioned during the lecture. .

Over the years, social media audits have increasingly become an important element in a communicator’s toolkit as they enable those conducting them to either gain market knowledge and insight, understand their competitors or identify strategic directions for development. As social media audits are informed by the client’s objectives and needs, there is no single template. Areas of focus can include visibility/reach, usability/functionality, integration/cross-channel communication, measurement/metrics/monitoring and/or branding and much more.

Remember: a social media audit should help you identify strategic directions for development (but also help you identify the opportunities and strengths to use and the threats and weaknesses to address). 

You have various models on myBU (check the readings folder).

You can also check several research and conference papers using social media audit concepts in their methodology:

Adi, A., Erickson, K. and Lilleker, D. (2014) Elite Tweets: Analysing the Twitter Communication Patterns of Labour Party Peers in the House of LordsPolicy and Internet. 

Adi, A. & Hobby, N. (2014) Social Media in Higher Education. 1st Corporate and Marketing Communications in Asia Conference. Bangkok, Thailand. Conference Proceedings (p. 16-33).

Adi, A., Erickson, K. & Lilleker, D. (April, 2013) Elite Tweets: Analysing the Twitter communication patterns of Labour Party Peers in the House of Lords. Twitter and Microblogging: Political, Professional and Personal Practices. Lancaster, UK.
Adi, A. & Grigore, G. (November 2012) Pfizer’s social media uses in Europe. MediAsia 2012. Osaka, Japan.

Adi, A. (September 2012) Bringing Practice into the Classroom: the evolution of a social media audit exercise. Media Education Summit 2012. Bournemouth, UK.

Adi, A. and Moloney, K. (September 2012) Communicating the Occupation. A comparison of social media and public relations in a national and local setting. Social media, Journalism and Communication Symposium. Canterbury, UK.


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