Although this year you will not be sourcing your own clients but rather work on a brief that we provide you with, the way you respond to a business problem is similar whether you seek it or it comes to you.

Research is essential

Research is at the foundation of understanding the client, its business/communication context, its needs as well as those of its target audience.

Without it, you will not be able to produce the right message for the right people to reach them in the right place as Jules has put it. Please make sure you check last year’s lecture notes as they very well apply to your brief.

Additionally, a good understanding of how social and digital media work and what motivates people to communicate, engage and share content online is also important. Remember particularly our definition of social media from our second lecture when we stressed that this an environment focused on people, their friends, needs and interests and therefore is an environment where disruption is not necessarily constructive. Moreover, when deciphering your briefs and seeking the audience and the right channel, also remember that each online platform is, in itself a business, with its own target audiences and “service” offer. Your challenge is therefore finding where your client’s audience can be found online and how your client can positively contribute to the audience’s experience online.

Jules’ lecture (see slides on myBU) also provided you with good and bad examples of understanding and tackling that challenge.

This is a pitch

So please do not contact your clients (when you get them). In a business scenario, when you will receive a brief you will be expected to treat it as the definite piece of information from your client. It is therefore expected that you use your resources and creativity to find out more about the client and make your proposal.


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