Our lecture dedicated to user generated content gave us an opportunity to revisit some assumptions and myths related to user generated content. While we updated the examples to include currently popular platforms relying on the contribution of their users, the lecture main points remain similar with those of last year. Please check here.

We also included a new reference to Heller Baird and Paransis “Customer Relationship Management From Social Media to Social CRM,”
report (2011 – on myBU) highlighting the differences in perceived importance associated by consumers and businesses for their online interactions (business-consumer and vice-versa).

To make content appealing and incentivize the user to join and contribute to your campaigns, we also added several tips:

  • making posts platforms appropriate (we presented auto-posting as not an ideal option and reflective of a lack of resources for managing social media)
  • watching out for trends or monitoring (more details on monitoring and creating a daily routine can be found on Ana’s website)
  • scheduling posts (for Twitter this can be done using Tweriod and BufferApp or using TweetDeck’s scheduling features;  for Facebook this can be done using the scheduling option).
  • Other platforms mentioned included Hootsuite, SocialOomph and PostCron

About Ana ADI

Professor of Public Relations/Corporate Communications @ http://www.quadriga.eu | Researcher | PR & Social Media Consultant | Fulbrighter

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