Marketing by interrupting people isn’t cost-effective anymore…

The future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other. Ignite consumer networks and then get out of the way and let them talk

We started the week with Jules providing you with her take on your exciting group assignment which, in reality, is very similar to what agency briefs look like. This is the moment when you will transition from being a mere internet user to a digital media producer and planner. Her powerpoint slides are up on myBu.

Right message, right people, right conversation, right place.

Jules emphasized the importance of research and planning. These activities are crucial in understanding the market and the competitors as well as in establishing potential nieches or points of differentiations. Once you got several ideas for your project, start looking around online and offline to see if something similar is alredy being made and how is it communicated. Moreover, ask yourself whether you idea is fit for digital media and whether you could generate content and conversations for a sustained 6-8 week as the brief requires you to do.

Choosing the audience for your project is equally important. Rather than going for ‘everyone’ consider segmentation and consider nieches. Think of the people that would resonate with your product/project. This will help you find both ‘the right people’ and the ‘right place’ as in the channel or platform where you can communicate. We are going to speak more segmentation in the lectures to come.

The right message and the right conversation have higher changes of taking place if you found the right people and the right place. It also posits less risks (think here issues management and crisis communication). You don’t want to end up like the McDonald’s team managing their #McDstories highjacked #Mcfail promoted campaign on Twitter or any of the other recent epic fails on socila media.

Fiesta’s example on the other hand is a positive one. They researched their audience and found the influencers as in those people that already had a community of their own to communicate with and they were regarded as opinion leaders. Then they created an opportunity (the car for free for a year) and therefore enabled conversation. They took a calculated risk and, as the video below indicated, it paid off. While we are such examples also check Netflix’s student Twitter champions campaign.



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