Digital Communication Strategies is back!

Since 2012 social media has become even more important for marketing communications and more of the digital media platforms have now bespoke analytics platforms. Google has changed its search algorithm and Instagram has launched the 15 seconds video.

Content is as important as ever.

We have spent the first week familiarizing ourselves with the course, its aims, learning outcomes and assignments.

The digital media landscape

We have also spent some time reviewing the rapid evolution of the digital and social media landscape while also emphasizing that, although “new”, many of the platforms ruling online communications today have been with us for almost 10 years (check avalaunchmedia for an interactive history of social media).

We also checked the main trends of 2013: visual web, the “tactile” web, social advertising and the second and third screen being just some of them. Keep them in mind when designing your campaigns.

Finally, we concluded with that this means for companies and for consumers but most importantly spelled out what this means for marketers and communicators: a cluttered environment where companies feel that they must be present but do not fully understand why and how,  plenty of choice and overlap in terms of services and a lot of competition for the user’s attention coming from multiple screens. This also means a more picky and, at times, more savvy and sophisticated user, wanted information to be shareable, bite-size and catchy. Again, content is king.

Things to check out:


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