We emphasized on many ocasions that the Internet is a very fragmented environment and the home of many customized nieches. We also indicated that one of the keys that contribute to the success of online communication is a good segmentation of the online target audience.

Our eighth lecture was dedicated to the definition and clasification of online communities in an effort to highlight once more how important segmentation online is. We included in these classifications Timo Beck’s (2008) overview of online communities as well as Ferdinand Tonnies (2001) sociological definitions of community: Gemeinschaft (community) and Gesellschaft (society) before moving into marketing segmentation and revising Kotler’s market segmentation concepts.

What you need to do:

With the information from the lecture and using a combination of segmentation principles, define the target audience for your group project and identify the online platforms where you are most liked to find it.

Further readings:






About Ana ADI

Professor of Public Relations/Corporate Communications @ http://www.quadriga.eu | Researcher | PR & Social Media Consultant | Fulbrighter

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