With the assessment due date approaching, here are some details that you should keep in mind:

  • lenght and structure: 2500 words (this includes executive summary, introduction, audit, analysis and recommendation but excludes the table of contents and block quotes)
  • submission: via Turnintin (please designate one member of your team to upload it to Turnitin, make sure all your team members names AND student IDs are on the project) AND the assignment room (print + CD/USB)
  • references: please include references where needed (to source images, infographics, print screens, tweets – use Harvard as in the general university referencing guidelines)
  • write for the client
  • the audit is about present (what the organization is currently doing with social media) and potential (how could they do things differently to reach their objectives)

Should you have any questions, please get in touch via email (aadi@bournemouth.ac.uk) or twitter (@ana_adi or @dcs_bu).


About Ana ADI

Professor of Public Relations/Corporate Communications @ http://www.quadriga.eu | Researcher | PR & Social Media Consultant | Fulbrighter

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