As Lecture 10 was the last one prior to our spring break, we spent it in a trully digital manner with 3 very special guests.


We started with Olivier Blanchard, one of the most popular marketing/social media movers and shakers these days as well as author of “Social Media ROI”, a book to which we’ve referred to several times throughout the semester. Luckily for us, Mr Blanchard was in Europe at the time and very graceously agreed to share some of his time with us. He told us a story about how he started with new media and shared with us some of his advice regarding social media audits and metrics.

One thing to remeber: Always start with the objectives!

Cara and Brittney on the other hand joined us all the way from Canada. They heroically woke up at 5:30am (or around that time) to join us and brought together with their high spirits, relaxation and good experiences from their internship, a little bit of proper Canandian chill. They are both PR students and just recently completed a internship with Gnosis Media Group…remotely. Throughout the internship they had to learn not only how to manage their workload when their office was virtual but also learn how to use different social media platotforms to make their work more efficient.Cara’s and Brittney’s enthusiasm was contagious and their approach to novelty one to consider: always test, always try, always give it a go.


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