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We’ve cancelled seminar 3 with a good reason: so that you can attend the Leap into Digital event organized by Amber Burton and Futurerising.

It’s been an exciting event, filled with enthusiastic and passionate talks from the speakers about what they do and how digital media is influencing or shaping their work.

While words of caution were shared so was encouragement. The examples of Owen Lee of Starcom MediaVest Group of BU students public Facebook accounts and the information they shared were the perhaps the best in bringing attention not only to privacy but also to one’s digital footprint and its potential impact on job application outcomes. This was part of a wider call to “tweet/facebook/use social media responsibily” supported both by Becki Willmore from SubstanceMovies and our Futurerising co-hosts. Assumed responsibility is linked with purpose and, to a degree, with policy. The DigitalLeap examples although inspired by personal experience can be trasnfered to B2B or B2C in the sense that responsibility and clarity of usage, hence of objectives, targets and tactics can help organizations avoid #epicfail moments online. This links to the speakers’ encouragements to think about digital media as supporting communication, to be critical about the necessity and cost of integrating digital media with business objectives and to experiment with a purpose.

Strategic, consistent and coherent use of digital media was perhaps the underlining message of all talks. Accountability was another.

Mentions to monitoring, measurement and analytics were often and all were filled with web2.0 jargon. References to some of the most popular consultants and social media stars were made as well with Olivier Blanchard‘s book Social Media ROI taking perhaps the first place. We’ll be looking into Mr Blanchard’s work and book sometime soon!

Digital media is rapidly embraced by companies and doesn’t have set rules yet. It’s fast-paced and constantly connected.

It is also unexpected and its implemetantions and developments have the potential to change not only how we communicate with one another but also how we use technology, consume media and make purchasing decisions. We covered those aspects in our lectures as well so it’s great to receive confirmation from practioners. It’s even greater to have these notions put into perspective and examined from a future point. This is what Liam Brennan of Aegis Media did so briliantly in his talk, linking the past with current practices and projecting them to the future and their impact on the industry and the consumers. He invited us to think beyond current platforms and concentrate more on functionalities, business objectives and creative ways of reaching them.

Judging from your tweets, it’s been a good day with words like “lucky” or “enjoyed” very closely linked with the event #digitalleap hashtag (see photos in slideshow below). Some of you decided to be more strategic about your personal use of digital media while others decided to follow Andrew Timm’s “passion” advice.

What was the 1 thing that you remember or you took from the event? What was your favorite presentation?

Photos from the event are on my Flickr.

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