With the SuperBowl finished, we should be preprared for a new wave of campaigns and virals to take over the Internet in the next few weeks. In order to be able to learn and get inspired from them as well better understand their impact, we need to go back to the Golden Rule from Lecture 2: “Always start with your objectives”.

Objectives give clarity, direction and suggest tactics. To be effective, objectives need to be SMART so that can be easily linked with a monitoring and evaluation system. Objectives however depend on the goals that they answer. Goals in turn are linked with desired outcomes.

Today’s lecture covered these principles and asked you to consider whether such clear differentiations can be seen in the case studies presented today. We revisited Old Spice, Ikea, Australia’s dream job (see videos embedded in the prezi), all popular successes of the past two years, and while scrutinizing their declared objectives we also asked whether they are reflected in the metrics and results presented.

As you go and revisit these campaigns, or perhaps find your own, ask yourself:

  • can you identify the campaigns goals and objectives?
  • are the objectives that you perceived reflected in the results and metrics presented?
  • are the metrics presented complete – do they give you a complete image of before and after – and if not, why not?
  • what would you consider the campaigns to be – marketing, advertising, PR (remeber that some might start with one tactic but then shift to something else).

Let’s have a chat – here and in the seminar!


About Ana ADI

Professor of Public Relations/Corporate Communications @ http://www.quadriga.eu | Researcher | PR & Social Media Consultant | Fulbrighter

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