When you work with social media, either for yourself or on behalf of a client, not only do you have to speak the social media  lingo but also be prepared to explain it to others.  During Lecture 1 we were able to identify only a few buzz words specific to social media such as peer-to-peer when in reality almost each site and platform comes nowadays with its own dictionary. Think of likes, tweets, RTs (re-tweets), MTs (modified tweets), fans, friends, pokes, dashes, comments, diggs or APIs (application programming interface).

You could try to be funny and try to relate social media to social IRL (In Real Life) as Greg Savage does in his post inspired by Rachel Gould, Social Media Manager, Lander Associates. (Thanks @JennyGisborne for the share!) and associate Facebook with a pub, Twitter with a cocktail party, LinkedIn with a tradeshow, YouTube with Times Square on New Year’s Eve, MySpace with Woodstock and a blog with the Hyde Park Corner in London. However, if you deal with a client the Flowton’s infographic below (although not perfect) with a nice visual and an easy introduction to social media and its so specific vocabulary.

What would you add to the infographic? Do you agree with all that it is says?

The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application


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