Lecture 1 – Introduction

It’s been quite a roller coaster time this morning trying to set up the room when every bit of technology and back-up I had in mind decided not to work. However, as I said it during the lecture, it’s a great lesson to learn: that when we work with technology we have to be prepared for two things – have backups of backup plans and when that fails accept it with dignity and a smile and move on.

Here are 3 things to remember from today’s lecture:

  1.  Web 2.0 and social media in particular come with a paradigmatic shif in the way we communicate and we think about communication
  2. In social media, it’s the user who rules (hence user generated content, user generated functionalities, embeding options, sharing communities and networking)
  3. Social media is a highly dynamic environment so staying up to date and being ready for change are two crucial skills to develop.

Also, here are 2 things for you to do:

  1. Learn the vocabulary – social media comes with a specialized vocabulary and a lot of buzz words. Learn what they mean (web 2.0, sematic web, social media, social platforms, bookmarking, embedding, peer to peer, UGC…)
  2. Remember the functions – in social media each site and each platform has a core function. We’ll be revisiting them during the course but it’s good to remember what they are so that you know what you’re planning for.

Some questions:

What are your learning points from the lecture?

And what are your reactions to the two videos – one about the evolution of social media and the other about the emergence of the prosumer (producer-consumer)?


2 responses »

  1. Paige Hobart says:

    Prezi looks a lot better than PowerPoint! Be using that next time.

  2. […] you have to speak the social media  lingo but also be prepared to explain it to others.  During Lecture 1 we were able to identify only a few buzz words specific to social media such as peer-to-peer when […]

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