Join us on Twitter

To make our communication easier and faster and in order to give all of us an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and conversations Twitter offers, we have joined the micro-blogging site. From now on, we’ll use Twitter to share interesting links relevant to the course, reach out to practitioners, answer questions or even ask you some.

Be sure to follow @DCS_BU!

Also, when attending the lectures, you should address your questions to this account (you know, you either mention it or reply to one of our tweets). It’ll make the course run smoother and it will give a chance to your lecture or guest speaker get some feedback from you as they go along rather than wait until the question time. 🙂  And while you’re at it, also use the course hashtag #dcsbu. Actually, do this when you tweet outside the lecture and seminar time as well when you want to share information or questions relevant to the course.


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  1. Bill says:

    Do you still run this course?

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